Update On OCYD Supported Bills

After months of deliberations, the California State Senate and State Assembly recently concluded the 2018 legislative session. The Orange County Young Democrats have sought to lend our voice to the process and sent letters to bill authors in support of five key bills: AB 448, AB 931, SB 1421, SB 1015, and AB 1804.

We formally expressed our support for these bills and urged their passage because they address key concerns of our community.

AB 448 creates a OC Housing Trust Fund to help finance the construction of 2700 permanent supportive housing units for persons experiencing homelessness in Orange County.

AB 931 and SB 1421 raise the standard for law enforcement officer’s use of deadly force and increase transparency and trust between law enforcement and the community, respectively.

SB 1015 creates the California Climate Resiliency Program that will enable communities across our state to weather the consequences of climate change.

AB 1804 would enable increasing the housing stock with limited impact on the environment.

We applaud the state legislature for passing SB 1421 and AB 1804, and we are especially pleased that AB 448 passed the legislature and Governor Brown signed it into law last week. We thank Assemblymembers Daly and Quirk-Silva for their leadership in developing a common sense measure to address homelessness in Orange County.

While we are disappointed that SB 1015 and AB 931 did not pass, we hope the state legislature will take up important climate adaptation and law enforcement use of force legislation in the next session.

We now urge Governor Brown to sign SB 1421 and AB 1804.