Statement of the Orange County Young Democrats thanking the Anaheim city council for proactive measures addressing homelessness

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Last Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council unanimously approved several critical policy measures aimed at addressing persistent homelessness, which affects approximately 900 individuals in the city of Anaheim alone. We thank the City Council for its leadership on an issue that has dramatically impacted communities across the county. In particular, the Orange County Young Democrats applaud Councilman Dr. Jose F. Moreno for being the driving force behind the Homeless Policy Working Group, which developed the policy recommendations approved by the City Council.

The Orange County Young Democrats support the new policy recommendations, which state that the City of Anaheim will:

—Embrace a Housing First Model, which offers people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing without preconditions.

—Explore all possibilities to develop a “sustained funding stream” to fund a Housing First Model

—Evaluate affordable housing measures and policies for (extremely) low income households

—Explore leasing city or city Housing Authority-owned land to developers building permanent housing for the homeless

—Acknowledge the need for temporary/year-round emergency shelters

—Review the Anaheim Police Department’s enforcement of the anti-camping ordinance

—Encourage/facilitate measures to improve sanitation and public health

—Ensure the city budget includes adequate funding for homeless services

—Support planning/zoning changes to prioritize development of affordable & transitional housing

—Continue collaboration with the County and local agencies

The Orange County Young Democrats call on the Orange County Board of Supervisors and other cities in the county to take similar positive steps toward long-term solutions to the homelessness crisis.

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