Statement Of The Orange County Young Democrats On Immigration Bills To Be Considered In Congress

The Trump Administration and the Republican Party are continuing their assault on our nation’s values. While the Administration continues to criminally prosecute individuals seeking asylum and violently separating children from their families, the Republican-led Congress intends to vote on two immigration bills this week that will legalize an immigration system that punishes innocent persons fleeing violence and strip families of their dignity.

The Orange County Young Democrats strongly oppose the two immigration bills under consideration in the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. While one bill has been deemed a “conservative” bill and another “more moderate,” BOTH bills are inconsistent with America’s values.

The former bill, the “Securing America’s Future Act,” calls for a crackdown on “sanctuary” cities, new limits on legal immigration and the establishment of an E-Verify mandate. The latter bill, the “Border Security and Immigration Reform Act,” while providing a pathway for DACA recipients to apply for formal legal status, provides money for the absurd border wall, eliminates the diversity visa lottery, and makes it more difficult for families of U.S. citizens to be reunited in the United States. What’s more disturbing, the bill also makes it harder for those fleeing violence to seek asylum in the United States and allows children to be indefinitely detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Our immigration system is broken and reform is sorely needed. The Republican bills under consideration, however, are wholly unacceptable and will make matters worse.

Call your Member of Congress today and DEMAND they vote against the hard line “Securing America’s Future Act” AND the so-called “moderate” “Border Security and Immigration Reform Act.”