Statement from OCYD on the Governor’s Proposed Budget

Costa Mesa, CA – In response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2019 budget, OCYD released the following statement:

“This morning Governor Newsom released the first budget of his administration. OCYD applauds the bold progressive values reflected in this budget—from major investments in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, to an expansion of paid family leave and the creation of a Working Families Tax Credit, to new resources to empower community-based and non-profit organizations providing services to undocumented immigrants at the border, and finally to a record-setting 7.7 billion dollar investment in California’s housing and homelessness crisis–Governor Newsom has shown us that he will be delivering in his campaign promises.

We especially applaud Governor Newsom for his progressive budget policies while also maintaining a strong focus on fiscal responsibility. Governor Newsom has shown our State and democratic leadership across the country that is possible to make progressive investments while also allocating 13.8 billion in building budget resiliency through pension liability payments and additional contributions to the State’s Rainy Day Fund.”

OCYD is one of the largest Young Democratic organizations in the state with an active membership of over 300. Last night, OCYD elected the largest and most diverse board in the organization’s history.

The full budget is available here: