OCYD June Meeting (6/13)

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Let’s come together after the June 5th primary to talk about issues that matter to us all, and are of immediate importance to our community & nation.

In honor of Juneteenth & Pride Month, we will hold a panel on the intersectional issues facing the trans & African American communities.

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought police violence against black bodies to the forefront of our political dialogue, but police brutality does not only target the black community. This dialogue will look at the intersection of state sanctioned violence against black, brown, and Queer communities, and discuss how these intersections can empower our collective response and resistance.

We are honored to be joined by the following panelists, who will give their unique perspectives:

-WIlliam Moses Summerville, Pastor & DNC Delegate
-Dr. Rebecca Dolhinow, Chair of Gender Studies, CSUF
-David Carbajal Torres, Latinx Activist & Queer Activist

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