March General Membership Meeting: #MeToo Beyond the Hashtag (March 14)

**Thanks for coming! See some photos from the event.**

Join OCYD on March 14th at 7 pm as we move from exposing harassment & abuse to enacting tangible policy changes to eliminate power-based interpersonal violence locally.

First, we’ll briefly hear from candidates Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Pat Harris for U.S. Senate, Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress (CD-48), and Gil Cisneros for Congress (CD-39), then launch into our conversation on sexual violence.

Featuring a panel of advocates & law enforcement officials, and led by the #DoBetterOC Taskforce, we’ll discuss funding for CALCASA, the backlog of rape kits, and the state’s limited definition of what classifies a violent crime.

Generally, we’ll address how we can broaden the #MeToo / #TimesUP movement to be more systematized, inclusive, targeted, and politically effective in Orange County.